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How to Increase Breast Size Naturally at Home

How to Increase Breast Size Naturally at Home Richshape

Every woman wish to have a healthy breast and a perfect breast size. Women’s with smaller breast want to increase breast size naturally as they do not want to undergo any kind of surgery. Women’s breasts enhance their feminine beauty and the first thing a  man looks at women is her breasts.

Sometimes it do depends on the body structure of the women fat girls may have larger breast size and thin girls may have smaller breast size. Also, there can be many reasons for saggy breasts like childbirth, aging and many more. This is natural but there are many natural ways which can help you get the perfect breast size at your place.

Here are some natural ways :


Exercising will not only keep you fit but there are two types of exercises which can help you increase the breast size like:

Wall peace: This exercise works on your breast tissues and makes it enlarge. In this, you have to stand straight facing towards a wall with your arms touching to the wall with your chest. Now hold your elbows down and push your body front to the wall and back to the wall keeping breath. Doing this daily 20 times in 3 sets will help you increase the breast size.

Swing arms: In this exercise, you have to stand straight with your hand’s upside and climb your hands upwards for 15 times in 3 sets. Doing this exercise daily for 10 minutes will give you better and faster results.

Get a correct bra

Wearing a wrong bra size can make your breasts look smaller than their actual size, so you should always get the correct size bra. A bra should lift your breast up making it look perfect and wearing a wrong size bra can make your breasts saggy. Some women’s do not know the actual size and they wear only one size bra without knowing the size, so get to know the correct size and according to fit a bra.

Get a correct bra Increase Breast Size

Focus on your back and shoulder muscles

If you are working out at your home then to increase breast size you should work on your back and the shoulder muscles. Breast is made of fat and working on these muscles will affect your breast tissues making it enlarged. Strengthening your upper body will make your breasts soft and also it will look firmer.

Healthy diet

What you eat matters a lot in your body. You should take a proper healthy diet, if you are a thing then you should have to add some fats to your diet to increase breast size. Intake of healthy proteins, eggs, and carbohydrates can help you get an increase in your breast size. This is a very simple way to increase breast size naturally.

Breast enhancing cream

Using a breast enhancing cream can help you get off the problem of saggy breasts. You can get Breastmelon-36 which is the best Breast Enhancing Cream and have helped a number of women’s worldwide to get rid of the problem of saggy breasts. You can get this product from Richshape online at affordable prices and start massaging with it on your upper body to make your breasts enlarge. This is a totally natural product made with natural ingredients and provides you with assured results.

How to use:

  • Take a small amount of Breastmelon-36 cream on your palms.
  • Massage it in a circular motion on your breasts for 15 minutes in morning and night
  • Keep it for 4-5 hours and then wash it.

Using this cream twice a day can help you get better and faster results.

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Simple Ways To Tighten Your Private Parts

Simple Ways To Tighten Your Private Parts

Tightening private parts which mean Vaginal tightening. All women feel ashamed talking about this with their friends and even not with their partners. But search on websites and google for the simple ways to for how to tighten your private parts.  And even sometimes they get some books to get a solution for this. Thus it gets a serious issue for some women.

They get anxious about a loose vagina and it also makes them disturb like they lose their confidence, no satisfaction on the bed also it hurts their mental health. But thinking that the vagina gets loose because of sex is totally wrong. There are many other factors for a loose vagina like:

  • Aging
  • Smoking
  • Childbirth
  • Medial issue
  • Menopause

Having more sex isn’t the reason for a loose vagina but yes rough sex can be as it can make the elasticity of vagina lose. All the above reasons listed can make your vagina stretch from its normal position. Also, you can keep your vagina tight and young with all these above issues with some simple ways.

Here are some ways to tighten your private parts which you can do at your home without any surgery and without a doctor.

 Kegel exercises

The best and effective way to keep your vagina tight and young is to work on your pelvic muscles which help can help you in tightening the elasticity of your vagina. you can search for the best kegel exercises on google and perform it at your home in the morning. Doing these exercises daily can help you tighten your private parts easily and will give you the desired result soon.

 Kegel exercises

Healthy diet

Your diet also affects your pelvic muscles. Having a healthy diet planned can help your pelvic muscles get strong. Also, it keeps you fit and free from all kinds of infection. Intake of healthy probiotics can help you keep your private parts healthy. You can include green tea in your diet to stay away from all kind of vaginal infections and also vegetables and fruits to keep it young and tight. Doing this will make your vagina tight and you also will stay healthy and fit.

Vaginal Cones

To strengthen your pelvic muscles you can use vaginal cones. These vaginal cones will work in tightening your private parts by strengthening your PC muscles and elasticity of your vagina. It’s a tampon size object with a little weight and you will have to insert inside your vagina and hold for 15  minutes. Performing this exercise twice a day can help you tighten your private parts and will give you the desired results.

Aloe Vera

The most natural way to tighten your private parts can be using the extract of Aloe Vera plant. This is a natural plant and if you massage with the extract of Aloe Vera on your vagina it will help you tighten your vagina and will make your pelvic muscles strong. You can get the extract out of the plant and gather it into a plastic container and use it twice a day to get better results.

Vaginal tightening cream

If you do not have time to exercise then the simplest and effective way to tighten your private part is using a vaginal tightening cream. You can get V-like 18 Vaginal Tightening Cream online from Richshape which will help you tighten your vagina and will give you the assured results within two weeks. It is made with natural ingredients and so it is a natural product. It has changed the lives of many women’s worldwide. You just have to take a small amount of cream in your hands and massage with it on your vagina. massaging with this cream twice a day will give you faster results, so order it today and start using it.

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What Are Best Home Remedies for Breast Enlargement

What Are Best Home Remedies for Breast Enlargement

You do not need to be ashamed when you think to have a large, firm and round breasts. This is the favorite body part for many women as they feel their breast signifies their beauty. And for some women’s it enhances their femininity and also is an asset to attract men.

If you do not want to undergo any surgical method then the best option is to learn some best home remedies for breast enlargement which can be effective and you can get softer and firmer breasts. The only thing is that it can take time but will get you the desired result.

So if you are unhappy with your sagging breasts and want to learn the best home remedies for breast enlargement then here are some remedies you can perform:


Those women’s who do a regular workout in the gym always have smaller breasts and look hot. It happens because the breast tissues shrink when you do heavy workout which means when your body activity level gets increases your breast tissues shrinks. There are many exercises for it like push-ups, chest press and many more. Try do breasts exercises for 30 minutes daily and you will surely get the desired result soon.


Massage for Breast Enlargement

Massage can help you increase the blood circulation of your body and massaging with olive oil on your breasts can make your breasts look more firm and soft. Olive oil is the best oil and this is the best home remedy for breast enlargement. Massage daily with your hands on your breasts in a circular motion and get the desired results.

Onion juice

To increase the size of your breasts and to firm up your sagging breasts Onion juice is another home remedy for breast enlargement. You have to make the paste of honey, turmeric and onion juice at your home and apply it on your breasts. For effective and fast results apply it before you sleep and when leave t till the next morning. Then wash it with warm water and if you apply it daily you will get better results soon.

Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek seeds for Breast Enlargement

Another way to enlarge your saggy breasts is applying a paste of fenugreek seeds. According to a research it helps in increasing the breast size. It stimulates the breast tissues like estrogens and progesterone which helps in enlarging the breast. So make a paste of Fenugreek seeds and then massage with your hands on your breasts just like a lotion. Applying it daily will get you faster and effective results.

Breast enhancement cream

Another easiest and the most effective way for breast enhancement is getting a breast enhancement cream. Breastmelon-36 is the best Breast Enhancing Cream which is helping many women of all ages to get firm and softer breasts. This is totally a herbal product and is used by the number of women’s all over the world. You can get this cream online from Richshape at affordable prices and it will help in your blood circulation in the breasts which eventually makes lift you breasts also makes it look firm.

How to use:

  • Take a pea size amount of Breastmelon-36 cream in your hands.
  • Lie down and massage on your breasts with the cream.
  • In circular motion massage it for 5 minutes morning and night.

Massaging with this cream daily will get you the assured results within two weeks, so get the cream today. This is the best home remedy for breast enhancement which assures you to get the desired results.

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What Are Some Ways To Keep Vagina Tight?

What Are Some Ways To Keep Vagina Tight

There can be many reasons for a loose vagina and this happens with a number of women’s around the world. It is a least talked issue as they feel shame to share about it with anyone as they have thinking that it’s because of sex. But sex isn’t the reason for a loose vagina. As a woman passes her age her vagina can get loose.

Also, a loose vagina can hit a women’s self-esteem as they may lose their confidence, delays in having an orgasm and in many other ways. But they do not want to go under any surgery, so they search for natural ways to keep vagina tight.  If you have a loose vagina there can be many reasons for that like:

  • Aging
  • Childbirth
  • Obesity
  • Sneezing
  • Medical conditions

These are the few reasons by which your vagina may lose its elasticity. If you feel you aren’t satisfied with your man then it can due to a loose vagina and you aren’t satisfied sexually. If you are suffering from the issue of loose vagina then no need to worry, we have a solution. You can learn natural ways to keep vagina tight at your home.

To get your vagina tight naturally, you have to work on your PC muscles so that it can help you tighten the elasticity of your vagina. Here are some natural ways to get your vagina to tighten:

Work on your uterus muscles

The uterus is a pear shape muscular organ which is hollow from inside and the uterine enhancing can improve your high moments. Keeping control of the uterus muscles can make you feel much better while having sex. This is a very sensitive area and pulling it up while having sex can make you get a better orgasm. And even this helps you tighten your vagina. According to research if you work on your uterine muscles you can get your vag tight.

Healthy sex with one partner

Healthy sex with one partner

Healthy sex with one partner is also a way to tighten your vagina. while you are having sex with your partner tighten the penis of your partner and loose when he draws the penis out. When you will improve your clenching ability with your partner it will help you make your vagina tight naturally. Also, you and your partner will feel nice.

Do Kegel exercises

Doing Kegel exercises daily at your place can also help you get your vagina tighter. As it directly hits your pelvic muscles which eventually helps in the tightening the elasticity of vaginal muscles. You can search on google for some natural and easy kegel exercises which can be done at home. And do it daily two times a day will give you better and fast results.

Use Aloe Vera

Applying aloe vera to your pubic area is also an easy way to get your vagina tight. As aloe vera is a natural plant it can help your vagina from getting prolapsed. You just have to get the extract of the aloe vera and put that extract in a plastic box. You can then daily apply it inside the vagina with your fingers. And doing it two times a day will give you effective results. This is the natural way to keep vagina tight.

Eat healthy food

Eat healthy food

Your diet also can help you in tighten the vagina . the easiest way to keep vagina tight is  having proper diet as what you eat matters in your body. Taking a diet full of proteins, fruits and veggies can make your vaginal muscles strong and healthy. Eating healthy makes you look fit and fine, so get a healthy diet chart plan today. This is the easiest way to make your vagina tight.

Get a vaginal tightening cream

If you do not have time to do exercise then you can just get a vaginal tightening cream which can help you tighten your vagina. V-like 18 is the perfect vaginal tightening cream which is made with all natural ingredients and gives you assured results within two weeks. you can get this cream online from Richshape at affordable prices and start using it.

How to use:

  • Take a little amount of cream in your hands
  • With the help of fingers massage it in your vagina
  • Use it in the morning and night before sleep

So these were some ways to keep vagina tight naturally without undergoing surgery. It will hit your pelvic muscles and will make the elasticity of vagina tight.
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How Good Buts Attracts Most Men

How Good Buts Attracts Most Men

Women’s have many killing features to attract men and nice butts are one of those features. Many men think that attractive butts and breasts are the most appealing and arousing part of their body. All women’s know this thing and they actually dress up in such a way that their butts attract men.

According to a study, men aren’t much pinched for too much size but they desire for the curve. Big butts women know that they cause a blend anytime anywhere as this is the sweetest part of every female which can attract any men.

Usually, men are very much obsessed with big buts, so they can get turn on anytime seeing big buts. Here are some reasons why are men so much attracted with good and sexy butts of females:

Sacred territory

There is a little variety of sacred regarding butts. A sexy butt arouses a number of killing sexual fantasy heating the real act and doing from behind is a thing which all men crave for. This is very much true that med finds butts an attractive thing in the bedroom.

They are simply nice to look at

How Good Buts Attracts Most Men

Men are usually attracted when they see beautiful women as they are the visual creatures. And this is why they get attracted and will check out her. Like her hair, smile, walk, eyes and her butts and upper body. And the part which they like the most will take a long time to assess it, which is a women’s butt.

They feel nice

A massive butt having just the right amount of fat at the required places can be something spongy and fun or also serve as a pillow. A big butt can make a man lose his mind on the girl as they feel very nice touching a woman’s butt.

Look perfect in jeans

Women and men both have different thinking like women feel like they look long and lean when they wear jeans. While on the other hand, men think women’s look curvy in jeans. Actually, they love to see what is actually holding the jeans upside.

They make your waist look thinner

A big butt makes a women’s waist look thinner no matter how much wide it is. And this is the main reason many men keep their hands on women’s butt. As they fell nice and it makes them feel nice and attracts them.

So keep working on your butts and make it more attractive for men. For this, you can use the Buttock Enhancement supplement which can help you enhance your butt size naturally at your home. It will raise estrogens level in your body and will boost up your butt size.

You can get this product online at affordable prices from the Rich shape. And use it two times a day for better results. This is a totally natural product and adds fats to your hip and butt.

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How To Naturally Lift Your Breast?

How To Naturally Lift Your Breast

When a woman is passing through different stages of life it’s very much natural that she bears some changes in her body. Due to aging, her breasts may get loose and saggy due to which a woman may lose her confidence. There are many factors behind breast sagginess and many ways to tighten saggy breasts without surgery. Breast sizes are firmed with a combination of heredity, weight, and way of life you live.

Here are some factors which are some main causes for breast sagginess:


When a woman reaches the age of 40 it is quite possible that she may bear many body changes and loosen breast is also a reason for that because the ligaments that make the breast tissue loses its elasticity and stretch a little. And this is the main reason for saggy breast and they wish to tighten their saggy breast.

Lack of proper support

When you are not wearing a proper size bra then also you may lose your breast elasticity. Some women’s don’t even know the actual size of their bra and this is the reason their breasts get loose.

Weight gain

Instant weight gain can also cause a stretch in breasts and can have an increase in breast size or a saggy breast. If you maintain a healthy weight it may get it back to normal.


Another reason for saggy breasts can be pregnancy. As when a gives birth to a child she can lose the elasticity of her breasts. Breastfeeding is the main reason for saggy breasts.

What to do to lift your saggy breasts?

Saggy breasts may threat your look and your health as saggy breasts may give you a change in your upper body look and a little pain in shoulders. Saggy breasts can even hit a women’s self-esteem, confidence and body image. As it is the main part of a woman’s body. Here are some ways to lift your saggy breasts:


Doing heavy workout may help you lift your saggy breasts. As breasts are mainly made of fat and shrink as you lift up and your level increases. There are many exercises for the same like push-ups, chest press, arm press which will help you lift your breasts. Doing these exercises daily for half hour can help enlarge breasts naturally.


Having a proper diet is good for your overall health as well as your breasts. Eating unhealthy may lead you to gain weight and will adversely affect your breast size and elasticity. So plan a proper diet and eat a healthy diet. Eating healthy food will help you enlarge your breasts tissues and will help you in lifting saggy breasts.

Wear correct size bra

When you wear a bra which doesn’t match your breast size can make it lose it elasticity. Some girls don’t get to know about it, it’s better to know the size of your cups and get a bra. Get your size bra which lets you lift your breasts. Even you can wear a padded bra this can also help you keep breasts lift up.

Olive oil

Massaging with olive oil on your breasts is the most natural remedy for breast enlargement. Doing regular massage on your breasts with olive oil can make your breasts look soft and firm even it helps you in tightening your breasts tissues. Which can help you to get rid of saggy boobs?

Breast enhancement creams

The easiest and the most effective way to get rid of saggy breasts is using breast enhancement creams. Breastmelon-36 is a cream which can help all aged women’s to get rid of all breasts problems. This is a totally natural product made with herbal ingredients and is used worldwide. It will make your breast tissues lift up and within two weeks you can see the results. With this cream, your breasts will look more firm and definite.

  • How to use:
  1. Take a pea size amount of Breastmelon-36 cream in your hand.
  2. Lie on to bed and massages your breasts.
  3. Massage gently in circular motion for 5 minutes two times a day.
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Tips To Have Beautiful Married And Better Sex Life

Tips To Have Beautiful Married And Better Sex Life

Married life works great in starting years as romance and sex is blooming in your life. But as the time passes by the spark of your loves comes to downfall. Do you think how to your love and sex life active? Don’t forget sex is an essential necessity of a couple in their married life you couldn’t neglect that. If you feel that your romance and sex life has taken a stand then you can work on it and make your love life stronger.

Here are some tips for you to have a beautiful and better sex life with your partner:

Exercise to boost up your sex life

Have you listened to that saying couples that play together stay together? This isn’t just a saying exercising with your partner in a gym or at home not only keeps your body fit but also boosts up your sexual life. Exercising together is the perfect way to communicate and strengthen your relationship outside the bedroom. It keeps active the lust of your partner for you. So to boost up your sex life add exercise to your as well as your beloved schedule.

Healthy diet

Intake of a healthy diet is also important to have a great sex life with your partner. Eating unhealthy food can lessen your energy point, damage your sexual life, lead to infection in your genital area and also you can gain weight which can bang on your sexual life. Extra weight can damage your heart and also can affect your self-esteem. So to avoid this you should eat healthy food and fruits that can help you gain your libido.

Play Out Your Fantasies

Play Out Your Fantasies

You can satisfy all your sex fantasies with your partner and this will surely get some thrill and pleasure in your married life. Whatever character you want to be, pretend to be like that in front of them and play various weird conditions with your partner. To play out your sex fantasies you can get a set of clothes online for you as well as your partner and heat up the night for your partner. Your partner will surely love it and this will be really an exciting thing and will definitely be a romantic night for both.

Try out some new positions

Sex is an important part of married life and dongs it, in the same way, can be a little dull and boring. So to get some excitement you can try out some new things like new positions, good music, roses on a bed and many more. Trying new things isn’t bad but will increase the lust for sex in you and your partner. You can flick out Kama Sutra to learn some new positions even you can try a new place other than the bedroom. Give a try in washroom it will surely be fun and you will never forget these moments.

Try natural products to create friction

Try natural products to create friction

To create more friction you can use some natural products which can boost your sexual life. At Richshape you will find a variety of products to tighten your vagina, Penis Enlargement and enhancing breast. At Richshape all the products available are made with natural ingredients and are 100% safe to use. All the products are affordable to buy and with assured results. So to reignite the spark of love in your relationship you can use the products and make your partner fall in love with you again.

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Tips to Looks Sexy in These Days

Tips to Look Sexy


There isn’t any rule that where and when you can feel sexy it’s just your way of styling yourself. Some people are sexy in their own manner which means that to accept yourself in the way you are and not comparing with anyone else. The real sexiness is actually in the eyes of the beholder. Your first impression isn’t your last impression but it gets very difficult to change the first impression. As the first impression stay’s in the beholder’s mind forever. There is nothing like you will look sexy if you have a slim waist or how beautiful you are. Sexiness has more to do with feelings and impression than body shape or looks.

We all want to look sexy and beautiful as it makes us connected with other people too. As a good appearance makes you sexy in your own way. Here we have some tips for you to get more sexy and beautiful:

Work on your appearance

To be sexy and beautiful you have to work on your appearance and take care of yourself. You can work on your skin like using some paste and packs on your skin because the first thing that the other person will note is your skin. Enhance your features with makeup and get a smoky eye makeup to be sexy. You can also work on your hair by getting a good haircut and a right hairstyle which suits your personality. Doing this you will be beautiful and sexy in your way and others will surely be liking your changed look.


Exercise is the best way to look sexy and hot these days. Not only for losing weight but also to yourself healthy and making your physical appearance more classy and sexy. Exercising will help you boost up your mind and will also help you to be fit. If you are not getting time to join a gym or to go out for a running workout at your place. There are many online exercise videos which you can watch and practice it at your place for 30 minutes. Daily workout of 30 minutes will help you to look hot and sexy.

Healthy Diet

Healthy diet

Eating a healthy diet is another way to make yourself look sexy these days. Taking a healthy diet not only helps in good looks but also helps you to get a good physical appearance and a better mental health. Adding some fruits and healthy vegetables in your diet will make you look younger, sexy and hot. Intake of proper fruits and vegetables will enhance your skin, hair and many other parts and will make your hormones function better. So try to avoid the junk food items and make a healthy diet for yourself. This is going to help you look sexy and will make your face glow.

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Avoid alcohol

If you are an alcoholic person then avoiding alcohol will make your skin look good and feel sexy. If you drop drinking habits it will for sure affecting your health and physical appearance. Drinking habits make you gain weight and also have some bad effects on your skin. So to look beautiful and sexy to avoid drinking alcohol. If you aren’t able to try to drink less and this will surely help you lead a good sexual life with your partner.

Use natural products

If you are not getting time for all the above things then you can use some natural products like vaginal tightening creams, building buttocks creams and Breast Enhancement Creams which can help you look sexy. At Richshape you will find all-natural products which are 100% safe to use and will give you assured results within two weeks. Sometimes you may feel disguised with your own body, so to get your body in shape and to get a sexy look you can use Richshape products which are made with natural ingredients.

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How Tighten Vagina Gives You a Better Life

How Tighten Vagina Gives You a Better Life


“Is my vagina too loose?” This question has been asked more and more in recent years. Well, let’s dig deep into it.

The vagina is a part of the body which is elastic and adjusts according to its need. However, due to childbirth, menopause, aging, or excessive weight gain it becomes looser or floppy.  This is where women feel that their significant other is no longer enjoying sex with them. Many times this negativity ends up with breakup and disharmony in the relationship.

Tighten Vagina Gives You a Better Life

We live in a society where sex is still a taboo and people shy off from discussing their sex life. Many relationships are going downhill because no one is talking about it. Your Sex life is as crucial as love life. It should not be ignored. Females are the most affected when it comes to keeping a relationship happy and satisfied because of the problems they encounter. They may face health challenges which might even see them abstaining from sex for a while. A loose vagina reduces the friction which eventually makes their significant other feel the less pleasure and feel low sex drive.

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Vaginal Tightening the effective way

Many times people no longer feel happy and they think that their sex life is miserable. They lost the drive to engage in anything sexual at all. These negative feelings within a relationship are often times the cause of breakups. So, there is a great need to take care of the loose private parts that may have a long-term effect on their relationship with their better half.

Vaginal Tightening the effective way

This marital problem is usually faced by women who have given birth because the vagina stretched to a great extent and gets loose. There are a number of ways to tighten the vaginal area, but the safest and effective possible way is to use a vaginal tightening cream as these are affordable and do not carry any side effect.

RichShape brings an evolution in the health and beauty industry. Its v-like-18 helps you to see an improvement in your vaginal area. It can help you Tighten Your Vagina within a few weeks. It is completely safe and trusted by customers all over the world. Your significant other will definitely feel firmer grip and tighter passage.

Remember, it’s all about taking the right decision at the right time. So, what are you waiting for? Get Breastmelon-36 and show your hubby how much you love them.

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Is coconut oil safe for your vagina?

Is coconut oil safe for your vagina

Coconut oil is a phenomenal oil which is used in our homes. To get rid off dandruff to aerate, even for our skin problems. Coconut oil is a natural ingredient and it helps us to provide a number of beauty products and health benefits, but I am sure that you wouldn’t have used it in your bedroom. And do you know that this oil is unlikely the best for curing and sexual uses?

We all use coconut oil for hair treatment and is usually kept in our home. It nourishes the skin and long ago many people were using it as a cream on their body. But do you know it is also good for your vagina? Sometimes women feel it very painful after sex that while urinating it pains, at that time it can be a relief applying it on your vagina with your fingers.

What are the benefits of using Coconut Oil on the vagina?

Coconut oil is a very beneficial oil for menopausal women as it can treat their vaginal dryness. There can be many reasons for vaginal dryness like lactation, menopause, medications, inflammatory bowel disease, malignancy, and many others. So it is important to be fully assessed before self-treating.

The oil has three different oily acids that are caprylic acid, capric acid and lauric acid that are found to be very helpful for vaginal infection. The surplus growth of yeast into the vagina causes vaginal infection and due to this, white and odorless discharge can appear. For this using coconut oil inside the vagina can alleviate it. Coconut oil is a likely sweetener which performs as a honey alternative so as to control the primary food supply of increasing fungal infection.

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How to use it?

You can put the coconut oil in the jar and keep it at a cool dry place. Before going to sleep you can use it inside your vagina with your fingers for a better sex. You can use it before sex and after making sex. For a better sex drive and to enjoy with your partner to the fullest.

benefits of using Coconut Oil on the vagina

Limitations of using Coconut Oil

As there are some benefits of using coconut oil it also has some limitations too. Using coconut oil inside your vagina may be stingy. While you are making sex oil-based lubricants can weaken or break condoms. And this can even cause unwanted pregnancy as your condom can get torn due to excess of oil inside the vagina.

Using Coconut Oil while making sex can also be a cause of STD (sexually transmitted disease) which is a harmful infection. So while using coconut oil can be a dangerous infection for both men and women. Avoid using it.

Other than using coconut oil inside the vagina we have an alternative for you, which can help you tighten the vagina and doesn’t have any side effects.

V-like 18

V-like 18 is a Vaginal Tightening Cream and also is 100% safe to use. This is the best way to enhance your sex life and free your sexual life from all kind of infection. Using V-like 18 wouldn’t have any side effect in your vagina. As the age passes by a women’s vagina may also experience some changes like it gets loose and floppy. And due to this, they cannot enjoy their sexual life. Even use coconut oil sometimes for better sex, but this can be dangerous using it. V-like 18 is the best cream and is made with totally natural products. Hence, this is a natural product.

How to use?

Firstly you have to take a little amount of V-like 18 on your fingertips and then apply it inside your vagina walls and then massage inside with your finger. You can apply it for 10-15 minutes before you are going to have sex with your partner. Using this cream on a regular basis can tighten your vagina and you will be free from infection.