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What Are Some Ways To Keep Vagina Tight?

What Are Some Ways To Keep Vagina Tight

There can be many reasons for a loose vagina and this happens with a number of women’s around the world. It is a least talked issue as they feel shame to share about it with anyone as they have thinking that it’s because of sex. But sex isn’t the reason for a loose vagina. As a woman passes her age her vagina can get loose.

Also, a loose vagina can hit a women’s self-esteem as they may lose their confidence, delays in having an orgasm and in many other ways. But they do not want to go under any surgery, so they search for natural ways to keep vagina tight.  If you have a loose vagina there can be many reasons for that like:

  • Aging
  • Childbirth
  • Obesity
  • Sneezing
  • Medical conditions

These are the few reasons by which your vagina may lose its elasticity. If you feel you aren’t satisfied with your man then it can due to a loose vagina and you aren’t satisfied sexually. If you are suffering from the issue of loose vagina then no need to worry, we have a solution. You can learn natural ways to keep vagina tight at your home.

To get your vagina tight naturally, you have to work on your PC muscles so that it can help you tighten the elasticity of your vagina. Here are some natural ways to get your vagina to tighten:

Work on your uterus muscles

The uterus is a pear shape muscular organ which is hollow from inside and the uterine enhancing can improve your high moments. Keeping control of the uterus muscles can make you feel much better while having sex. This is a very sensitive area and pulling it up while having sex can make you get a better orgasm. And even this helps you tighten your vagina. According to research if you work on your uterine muscles you can get your vag tight.

Healthy sex with one partner

Healthy sex with one partner

Healthy sex with one partner is also a way to tighten your vagina. while you are having sex with your partner tighten the penis of your partner and loose when he draws the penis out. When you will improve your clenching ability with your partner it will help you make your vagina tight naturally. Also, you and your partner will feel nice.

Do Kegel exercises

Doing Kegel exercises daily at your place can also help you get your vagina tighter. As it directly hits your pelvic muscles which eventually helps in the tightening the elasticity of vaginal muscles. You can search on google for some natural and easy kegel exercises which can be done at home. And do it daily two times a day will give you better and fast results.

Use Aloe Vera

Applying aloe vera to your pubic area is also an easy way to get your vagina tight. As aloe vera is a natural plant it can help your vagina from getting prolapsed. You just have to get the extract of the aloe vera and put that extract in a plastic box. You can then daily apply it inside the vagina with your fingers. And doing it two times a day will give you effective results. This is the natural way to keep vagina tight.

Eat healthy food

Eat healthy food

Your diet also can help you in tighten the vagina . the easiest way to keep vagina tight is  having proper diet as what you eat matters in your body. Taking a diet full of proteins, fruits and veggies can make your vaginal muscles strong and healthy. Eating healthy makes you look fit and fine, so get a healthy diet chart plan today. This is the easiest way to make your vagina tight.

Get a vaginal tightening cream

If you do not have time to do exercise then you can just get a vaginal tightening cream which can help you tighten your vagina. V-like 18 is the perfect vaginal tightening cream which is made with all natural ingredients and gives you assured results within two weeks. you can get this cream online from Richshape at affordable prices and start using it.

How to use:

  • Take a little amount of cream in your hands
  • With the help of fingers massage it in your vagina
  • Use it in the morning and night before sleep

So these were some ways to keep vagina tight naturally without undergoing surgery. It will hit your pelvic muscles and will make the elasticity of vagina tight.
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Tips to Looks Sexy in These Days

Tips to Look Sexy


There isn’t any rule that where and when you can feel sexy it’s just your way of styling yourself. Some people are sexy in their own manner which means that to accept yourself in the way you are and not comparing with anyone else. The real sexiness is actually in the eyes of the beholder. Your first impression isn’t your last impression but it gets very difficult to change the first impression. As the first impression stay’s in the beholder’s mind forever. There is nothing like you will look sexy if you have a slim waist or how beautiful you are. Sexiness has more to do with feelings and impression than body shape or looks.

We all want to look sexy and beautiful as it makes us connected with other people too. As a good appearance makes you sexy in your own way. Here we have some tips for you to get more sexy and beautiful:

Work on your appearance

To be sexy and beautiful you have to work on your appearance and take care of yourself. You can work on your skin like using some paste and packs on your skin because the first thing that the other person will note is your skin. Enhance your features with makeup and get a smoky eye makeup to be sexy. You can also work on your hair by getting a good haircut and a right hairstyle which suits your personality. Doing this you will be beautiful and sexy in your way and others will surely be liking your changed look.


Exercise is the best way to look sexy and hot these days. Not only for losing weight but also to yourself healthy and making your physical appearance more classy and sexy. Exercising will help you boost up your mind and will also help you to be fit. If you are not getting time to join a gym or to go out for a running workout at your place. There are many online exercise videos which you can watch and practice it at your place for 30 minutes. Daily workout of 30 minutes will help you to look hot and sexy.

Healthy Diet

Healthy diet

Eating a healthy diet is another way to make yourself look sexy these days. Taking a healthy diet not only helps in good looks but also helps you to get a good physical appearance and a better mental health. Adding some fruits and healthy vegetables in your diet will make you look younger, sexy and hot. Intake of proper fruits and vegetables will enhance your skin, hair and many other parts and will make your hormones function better. So try to avoid the junk food items and make a healthy diet for yourself. This is going to help you look sexy and will make your face glow.

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Avoid alcohol

If you are an alcoholic person then avoiding alcohol will make your skin look good and feel sexy. If you drop drinking habits it will for sure affecting your health and physical appearance. Drinking habits make you gain weight and also have some bad effects on your skin. So to look beautiful and sexy to avoid drinking alcohol. If you aren’t able to try to drink less and this will surely help you lead a good sexual life with your partner.

Use natural products

If you are not getting time for all the above things then you can use some natural products like vaginal tightening creams, building buttocks creams and Breast Enhancement Creams which can help you look sexy. At Richshape you will find all-natural products which are 100% safe to use and will give you assured results within two weeks. Sometimes you may feel disguised with your own body, so to get your body in shape and to get a sexy look you can use Richshape products which are made with natural ingredients.

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5 Sex Secrets Every Man Should Know To Perform Better In Bed

5 Sex Secrets Every Man Should Know To Perform Better In Bed

Don’t you wish to have more passionate orgasms? Well, it’s pretty easy to have the super whelmed orgasm. And for this, you must have little patience and good knowledge. We all want more and better sex there is no shame in saying this. For this, you have to perform better in bed to make your relationship stronger and your partner feel special.

You can do a number of things to bring into play your control onto sexual response. And get a better chance to experience an orgasm daily at the same time when your partner feels it. There are many ways to boost up your stamina when you are on a bed. The foremost thing you should know regarding being superior in bed is that it’s not actually extremely difficult or tricky.

Here are some secrets every man should know for a better performance in bed and to make their partner happy and satisfied:

Hit her G Spot

According to research, 55% of men don’t get the G spot of their partner and 36% don’t even know what it is. However, it’s a fact that the G spot of females frustratingly mysterious. The G spot orgasms of females is a distinction of clitoral climaxes and at this stage, her satisfaction is restrained to that deified area which means she feels this all through her lower body. Moreover, while this she will take pleasure while you do this and won’t forget your weapon. Let it be your finger, tongue or anything.

Use your Love Muscle

Going gym making muscles and huge abs can help you get fortunate but if you wish to take more indulgence on the bed you have to work on your pubococcygeal (PC) muscles to make your partner feel more pleasant. You can do Kegel exercise to expand make your PC  muscles by squeezing your muscle by which you reverse your pee. You just have to make it tighter and hold it for five seconds then discharge it slowly. You can do this exercise three times a day to get benefits.

Different Positions

Different Positions

For a better sex and a good performance on the bed you must know how to make the sex life more exciting for your partner. You can try out new positions rather than standard missionary, spice up your sex life with new positions. Using sex toys or role-playing are not the only ways to enjoy sex in bed. So try out new positions and boost up your sex life, some of the positions you can try like the crab, the wedge, or the altered wedge and many more.

Boost your staying power

Boost your staying power

Boosting your stamina is also an important thing for a better sex and a good performance in the bed to make your partner enjoy to the fullest. For this, you have to take a well-balanced diet. You can take low-fat goods, fruits, and green vegetables and meat to be strong. Even you can have vanilla ice creams after dinner which can help you increase your sex drive. This can help you to improve your physical and mental stamina and you can boost up your staying power.

Masturbate before sex to improve longevity

If you think you are somewhere lacking to make your partner happy and satisfied in bed then you have to practice. Masturbation before sex can help you to improve longevity in the bed, so you can masturbate to improve your performance. Before one or two hours before sex, you can do it. This is a basic sex lengthening technique to make you stay for a longer period in bed and make your partner totally satisfied.

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Valuable Tips For Men on Growing Intimacy

Valuable Tips For Growing Your Intimacy

Intimacy is all about mutual understanding, vulnerability, frankness and last but not the least sharing. It can be a single interaction between two people, or a long-term display of friendship and cordiality. It plays a vital role in everybody’s life as ultimately we are the social animals, who do crave for close relationships. Intimacy is the most beautiful art of relationship. Most of us, fight with the phenomenon of intimacy, and the fear due to the lack of intimacy is a significant concern at this time. Let’s find out some proven tips for men on growing intimacy.

Discover your partner

Intimacy is a method of discovering your other half constantly. Over the time you have to know each other. You should have the urge to explore your partner every other day. The excitement of knowing your partner will encourage you to get more, closer and closer. You have to be open up and make it easy. And that will be the foundation of your intimacy.

Little things make a big Difference

Many people feel that they are not finding the intimacy in their relationship that they required. But believe me being kissed, greeted with open arms after finishing your daily routine, hitting the bed with a course of action can make a huge difference in your relationship.

Little things make a big Difference

Remember, the best tip for men on growing intimacy is to be connected with your partner mentally first; then only the affection can nurture. For this, the emotional intimacy is highly essential in a relationship, and it is known as the deepest level of communication between two people. For this reason, you have to tick the emotional strings of your partner to boost your intimacy. Yes, sex will also enhance the closeness and bond and create lifelong physical memories.


 Be vulnerable and allow intimacy

It is quite reasonable to be weak in a relationship, but in a positive way. You have to acquire that aspect to make your familiarity strong. You have to be open up and capable of affection. Open yourself up, trust your partner, and hit the internal cords of each other, these are the supreme tips for men on growing intimacy.

 Be vulnerable and allow intimacy

Be patient

Being intimate is not like your project, that it will happen in a fixed period. You have to make your effort, and give time to your relationship to have the spark and intimacy. You have to be there with your other half in all kinds of circumstances. You have to be there in the jovial as well as in the dark periods. Face the glitches being with each other, rather than avoiding it. And that will make you get closer and enrich your relationship.


This phenomenon is the most useful thing in case of increasing intimacy for sure. With mercy, you will develop respect, love, and deep empathy for you by your partner. And these are the crucial things to build a profound intimacy. Peace of mind plays a significant role in fostering closeness along adopting this tips for men on growing intimacy.

Be Honest and accessible

Nobody here is a mind reader, neither you nor your partner. So you should have the willingness to express yourself, your needs, your requirements with your partner. Disclose your fears, secrets, and doubts. That will lead to a good relationship.

Intimacy is all about sensing another person mentally, emotionally and physically. It’s about knowing, loving, caring for the other person. That is why for a perfect intimacy honesty, and vulnerability is highly essential.  The deeper the intimacy, the more you’ll have the charismatic experience with your other half in and out of bed.

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Proven Tips For Improving Intimacy In Relationship

Proven Tips For Improving Intimacy In Relationship

Intimacy is the core to maintain a faithful bond. But over the time, it becomes bitter and diminishes due to our misunderstanding, routine, and lack of proper communication. The flame of passion and the desire for each other gets slowed down in the course of life. Intimacy is more about trust, respect, and honesty rather than sensual feelings or accomplishing the real fire in your body. The real intimacy, love is quite rare at this time. And we are so much busy in our day to day job, and responsibility that we have forgotten the simple facts of our life. Here are some recognized ways to improve intimacy in a relationship.

Be in love with yourself first :

First of all, get intimate with yourself. First, try to take care of your glitches, work pressures and emotions, then only you can feel the emotion level of your partner. Give the best of you, and you will enhance the trust, and belief of your other half on you. Show your love and care, and believe me that will be the most beautiful route to boost your intimacy. And you will experience a deep connection with your partner.

Be in love with yourself first

Recall The Past :

It’s true that things are not sparking, and firing like before. The constant feeling of togetherness diminishes with the flow of your life. But you can cherish those memories. Pull out your unforgettable memories like wedding pictures, first outings, dates, frequent conversations, sensual flirting. And that will drag you towards your partner. It will take you back to those beautiful moments. Try to relive your marital journey. Reminisce your past; it will thrill you, and make you love your partner more and more. Think about your late night talking, see old pictures, and video and that will enhance and spark your relationship again. You will feel the void in your relationship and try to mend its gain for a blissful relationship.

Recall The Past

Momentous conversations :

Keep on sharing your feelings, always make your self-open to the conversations between both of you. Try to listen to your partner. Discuss the factors that make you down, and pressurize you. In this way, you can lower your negative feelings and boost your relationship. Sharing is the key to a good relationship. Give respect to the feeling of your other half. Be open and vulnerable to your partner. Let your partner share the intimate moments. Try to eradicate the fears, sorrows, and let your other half to live the dream. Give respect to their advice, for sorting out your issues. Try to give importance to your partner, and that will guide you to improve intimacy in relationships.


Commitment :

For a healthy and intimate relationship, there are a few crucial factors, and they are obligation and mutual understanding. Commitment is quite essential for a good relationship. A lack of commitment will rise to the violation, quarrel, and conflicts. It will affect your ad professional life as well. So be committed to each other, share each other’s feelings and lead an excellent conjugal life with lots of excitement and thrill.


Emphasis on giving love :

Unconditional and unintentional love may sound odd, but it is quite beneficial in the long run. Try to give endless love to your partner in every possibility. Show your caring and love, and that will spark limitless love in your partner as well. And there will be a rise in the intimacy for sure.

Open out your heart :

All will be good with the spaciousness of your heart. Try to maintain a big heart, and you will overcome all the troubles. With a big and happy heart, you can make your partner happy. And a happy mind will lead to a perfect relationship with the passing of time. Be good to yourself, then only you can recognize the best part of your partner.