What is RichShape?

Rich Shape is the most trusted name in the world that offers a wide range of organic health and personal care products. All these ‘dermatologically tested’ products are produced to keep in mind the safety of its customers.

How to take it? Can I use it every day?

The use of Rich Shape cream is very easy. Just three-step process is needed;

1) simply put pea size amount of on the tip of your finger

2) apply the cream to the area then,

3) Gently massage the area it for 2-3 minutes until it absorbs.

Is it Safe?

Rich Shape offers 100% natural and organic products. All the ingredients used while producing, are extensively researched and tested so that customers get what they desire for. The company strongly believes that the quality should not be compromised while serving the ‘kingpin of the market’.

How long does it take to work?

Rich Shape can be used for a minimum of 28 days, and 56 days for optimum results. To get the accurate results, you should use it twice a day, or at least once a day. Give a gentle massage for about 2-3 minutes daily (morning and night).

Are you sure it will work for me?

Absolutely! Rich shape offers wide variety of products including Breast Enhancement, Vagina Tightening, and Penis Enlargement. It can be used by both men and women according to their needs. As far as its safety and benefits are concerned, it is a foolproof method to get the results without any augmentation.

How long does one bottle of Rich Shape last?

One bottle of Rich Shape cream lasts approximately for 45 days. It is recommended to use it twice a day. Once you use this product, you will definitely say that it is worth every penny.

In case I have queries, where shall I contact you?
  • For any product related query, youcan reach out to us on info@richshape.com. Our customer care experts are available to assist you 24*7.
How long does it take to ship?

All the Rich Shape Products usually take up to 5-7 working days for delivery.

Does it work for women of all ages?

Yes! No matter what your age is, you can always carry your Rich Shape product with you. These are absolutely safe so, anyone can use it. It is advised to use it twice a day to obtain maximum benefits.

After reaching the desired results, do I need to keep using it?

All the Rich Shape products work effectively and can help you to reach at the desired results naturally. To get the long-lasting effect, keep using the product for a minimum of 56 days so as to achieve the optimum result. You will get long lasting effect after continuous usage of the product over a period of about 3 to 4 months.

What else can I get? Or what are the other benefits of Rich Shape?
  • Vagina tightening cream:This product is really helpful in Genital rejuvenation, Increasing elasticity and sensitivity of the genital area. Along with tightening, it also helps prevent foul odor, repair hymen, and increase the lifespan of cells.
  • Breast Enhancement: Achieving firm and perky breast is so very easy with Rich Shape’s breast enhancement cream. It helps in lifting the saggy breasts, and apart from this, it also makes them look astonishing, and grow them larger and fuller.
  • Penis Enlargement: For men, Rich Shape can do wonders. It can help to enlarge the penis size and girth, correct the erectile dysfunction. And the best thing is that without spending huge money or going under the knife procedure, in most of the cases, help combat problems related to penis and improve the libido power.
Can I use it during pregnancy, menstruation or if I have an infection?

Well, Rich shape offers completely natural products. However, in case of pregnancy, menstruation or any kind of infection, it is always suggested to consult your doctor before using the product.

Can I make my vagina tighter after having a baby?

Yes! If you want to go for vaginal rejuvenation surgery but couldn’t afford it, then you should surely go for Rich Shape’s vaginal tightening cream.  Regular use of the product will definitely help you to regain your youthfulness.

I have saggy breasts, will Rich Shape make them perky again?

Rich Shape’s breast enhancement cream can be trusted fully. It is a foolproof method to increase bust size naturally at home. Regular use of Rich Shape cream lifts the breasts and makes them firm and perky.