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Tighten your vagina and get your body in shape

Tighten your vagina and get your body in shape

Thoughts of having a tighter vagina can be a little confusing and exigent. As the age passes by a vagina may lose its tightness and women’s feel humiliating talking about it with anyone. If you had a baby or you just want to have a tighter vagina for pleasurable sex the method for the both is the same. Having a loose vagina may not allow women to have full satisfaction of sex with her partner and makes her sexually, mentally and physically disturbed.

There is a surgical method to get the vagina tighter but it can be painful, persistent and expensive. So to tighten your vagina and getting the body in shape you can undergo some natural and home remedies which can help you tighten the vagina naturally without any pain. Exercising and healthy diet is the best way to do the same.

There can be many reasons for a loose and floppy vagina like Ageing, Obesity, Childbirth, Surgery, The Everyday Lifting of Weight, Regular Forceful Work Out, Menopause and Chronic Back Pain. But doing some exercises at home and eating good food can help you tighten your vagina. Here are some ways to get your body in shape by tightening your vagina without undergoing any surgical method and medicine:

  • Exercises

  • Healthy diet


Exercising is the simplest way to tighten the vagina at home and keep yourself young. Here are some exercises you can do for tightening your vagina:

Tighten your vagina and get your body in shape with Exercises

  • Yoga

Doing yoga can help you to tighten your vagina as it strengthens the vaginal walls and also helps to strengthen the pelvic muscles and also all muscles of the body to keep you fit. You can do yoga at your home regularly or you can join some yoga classes. If you are doing yoga regularly it will keep your overall health good and is simple to do.

How to do

You can lie down from the back on the floor and then raise your legs one after another, keeping the legs in a straight when you will be lifting and lowering the legs. Keep in mind not to bend the legs. Do it for 10 minutes for at least 5 times a day for better results.

  • Kegel exercises

Kegel method is another way to have a super tight vagina at home. Kegel exercises help in tightening pelvic muscles which eventually helps in tightening the vagina. You can perform Kegel exercises anywhere. You have to stop yourself from peeing like after peeing you can stretch the muscles for 10 seconds and then relax again for 10 seconds. You can do the same 5 times a day for better results. Even the pregnant ladies can do this exercise. If you want to tighten your vagina and want to have faster results do it every day.

How to do

You can sit on a chair keeping your legs stretched forward then lie on the floor on your knees and then bend the knees. Now, tighten your pelvic muscles and keep in mind do not squeeze any other muscles.

  • Squats

Squat is another way to tighten the vagina by exercising and even doing squats keeps you fit. Squats are a good exercise which not only works on the glutes but the core also. And strong core muscles eventually make pelvic muscles stronger. This is the best and easy way to tighten vagina at home.

How to do

You will have to stand to keep your feet wider than your shoulder width. Then lower yourself till your thighs are just parallel to the floor keeping some pressure on the knees and then stand back putting your weight in your heels. Doing this exercise daily will affect your pelvic muscles and will help you tighten your vagina faster.

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Healthy diet

The best way to tighten the vagina and to keep the body in shape at home is by having a healthy diet. Not only the exercise but a healthy diet is also required to keep the muscles strong. Here is some healthy food which will help you in tightening the vagina and keeping you healthy.

Tighten your vagina and get your body in shape with Healthy Diet

  • Fruits

Eating fruits like strawberries, apple, pineapple etc will help you to get rid of the smell which comes from the vagina and also the white liquid which comes. To have a healthy vagina you should have fruits daily and it also will keep you fit. Fruits contain a high level of water content in them which helps you get a good body shape which all women wish to have. So add fruits to your diet today for a healthy vagina.

  • Garlic

Eating raw or cooked garlic can also help you in Tightening Your Vagina naturally at home. It keeps you free from the yeast infections and the foul smell of the vagina. Adding garlic to your diet can help you keep your vaginal area healthy and free from the bad smell.

  • Yogurt

Having yogurt daily will keep your vagina from all kind of bacteria which can harm your vagina, so you should eat plenty of yogurt in a day to get the best resources of it. So to stay healthy and free from bacteria add yogurt to your diet today.

  • Organic protein

To have good muscles you should eat plenty of organic proteins. Intake of organic protein, organic fruits and vegetables will help you to have strong vaginal muscles and also it makes you have a good health. So try to have organic food other than eating junks and making yourself unhealthy.

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Easy and Effective Ways to keep a Vagina Tight without any Surgery

Easy and Effective Ways to keep a Vagina Tight without any Surgery

Do you think about how to tighten your vagina? Well, here in this bog you will get to know about some easy and effective ways on how to tighten your vagina. It gets very embracing talking about it with someone. You might have searched about it on websites and you must have read books to get some knowledge for the same.

Every woman loves to feel sexy and confident in the bedroom with their partner. But these thoughts can make her less confident and anxious during sex and she feels that vaginal tightening is the perfect solution for that. Moreover, when they give birth to a child this judgment gets more increased and they are keener to tighten the vagina.

How does your vagina get loose?

This question arises more often in women’s mind who’ve given birth to a child and this may also reduce their sexual fulfillment. It can also reduce the friction between the couple. There are many reasons for a loose vagina like childbirth, menopause or surgery. Thinking that the vagina gets loose due to sex is wrong.

Here are some reasons how your vagina gets loosen and gets stretched from its original position other than sex:


How does your vagina get loose

If a woman has given birth to a child then it can affect the elasticity of the vagina, but the effects aren’t permanent, it can be cured. But it can take a long time, this can also affect your sexual satisfaction.


The aging process is another reason for vaginal tightening, as the years pass by your vagina also starts to loosen with your age. It can happen because as you get older the elasticity of pelvic muscles gets saggy which works to keep the vagina tight.

Medical issues

When a woman faces some medical problems then it can also be a reason for loosen vagina. If you ever had any surgery around your cervix this can be the main reason for it. And it doesn’t cause any problem in the childbirth.

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How to keep your vagina tight?

There are many remedies to tighten the loose vagina without going through a surgery. Here are some easy and effective ways for tightening vagina:


ways to keep your vagina young and tight with Exercises

Exercise is the best way to keep vagina young and tight. There are a number of exercises which can keep your vagina strong, tighten and the elasticity maintained like kegel exercises, squats, pelvic floor, toning exercises etc. All of these exercises can help you tighten your pelvic muscles and keep you fit.

Healthy diet

An effective way to tighten your vagina or pelvic floor is a healthy diet. If you are eating healthy food you will always be protected from bad bacteria and vaginal infection. You can add green tea to your diet to keep yourself away from vaginal infection.


Effective way to tighten your vagina with yoga

The natural and effective way to tighten your vagina can be doing yoga every day in the morning. It can strengthen your body and pelvic muscles. Yoga can be done at home and will help you Tighten Your Vagina and muscles also this will keep your body fit.

Vaginal Cones

Vaginal cones are also very effective in tightening vaginal bones as they have altering weights attached to them. You can do exercise with this twice a day as this will help you tighten the vagina and pelvic muscles effectively.